Musings on the dawn of referendum day

Eurgh. So they are digging up the road outside my flat at the moment, which means I have to walk down the way a bit in order to cross it in the morning. I have to cross it because I’m going to go to some church hall I’ve never been to before, to put another kind of cross on a small bit of paper, which I’m then going to put in a box. What a way to spend a Thursday morning (well, probably afternoon by the time I’ve got up late, gone for a swim, made myself scrambled (organic) eggs and got myself sorted). Life’s tough.

And what is it with crosses anyway? Everyone’s doing those these days. Why not make it a parallelogram or regular dodecahedron and really test people’s capacity to think before they mark that paper? Or at least something, you know, funkier, for us funky types. And while we’re at it, seriously, paper? I jolly well hope it’s recycled paper, and will be recycled again after use, because you know the environment is totes important. I bet they had to use a lot of trees to make those. And there are children dying in Africa because of it. We’ll see them on the adverts at Christmas and they’ll make us feel guilty for eating our Christmas dinner, and then we’ll turn over the channel and pretend it’s all fine.

Then tomorrow night I’ll probably have to hide inside because there will be poor and ignorant people out on the streets starting fights and burning things. Seriously. This is not the middle ages. When I can bring myself to read some sort of news publication at the moment it’s what I see pictures of, so it must be true. Then I’m probably not going to get much sleep and be really cranky the day after, and all because of democracy. What a rubbish idea.

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about democracy, because if I did, frankly I wouldn’t be writing this blog. But as far as I get it, the part where people set fire to things and bully and intimidate other people isn’t quite how it’s supposed to work? I may well be wrong. Then again I’m middle-class, so I’m never wrong. It’s one of those things that just is, and the sooner people get over it the better, I say.