The sweet, sweet irony of UKIP’s latest poster campaign.

If I’m the first to write about this then I hope I get some kind of award for investigative journalism (jokes), because I think it’s an absolute corker. But let me tease you for a sentence or two before revealing my full hand….

The facts – UKIP want the UK out of the EU. One of their (undoubtedly many, if you can bear to listen to them blabber on without wanting to chop off your own ears) reasons for this is the fact that they believe immigrants are taking jobs away from native British people. I won’t go into the politics at this moment (read someone else’s blog for that), but after the semi-gaffe of their leader employing his immigrant wife as his secretary, comes the whopper. The party this week unveiled their high-profile poster campaign, one of which features an “out-of-work” tradesman begging with a plastic cup, who we are to assume is British (the tradesman, not the cup). However, the man in question is in fact none other than Irish actor Dave O’Rourke. That’s right. An immigrant.

The implications? Embarrassment for UKIP, and a giggle for the rest of us. Clearly someone didn’t do their homework (I’m not pointing any fingers at a certain German secretary, I promise) in researching the actor’s ethnicity before plastering his handsome face across their anti-EU campaign. And I’m certainly not saying a British secretary would have been any better (although who knows?!). But for a UK political party purported to champion British workers over “unlimited cheap labour” from elsewhere, surely they could have employed a British actor as their poster boy for this campaign? You know, support for British workers and all that?

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe it’s all some sort of convoluted double-bluff to prove their point about the UK being overrun by immigrants. And I’m sure once this blog goes viral, and UKIP’s PR people have produced enough positioning statements to block the Channel Tunnel and prevent any more immigrants entering the country, we’ll be treated to some equally cumbersome explanation of their choice. Either way, for now, I’m grinning (and waiting for my award, thanks).


32 thoughts on “The sweet, sweet irony of UKIP’s latest poster campaign.

  1. What difference does it make if he’s a Irish immigrant.
    UKIP aren’t “against” immigrants in the UK. They are worried about the numbers that could come.

    You sir are missing the point.

    • Hello, thanks for your comment (and your tweet, I will reply to that also). Please let me confirm that this post was in no way intended to be anti-UKIP or about the politics, just a little dig at something I found amusing. If I had discovered something about another political party’s literature then I would have shared it in a similar way. As I state in the “About” section of this blog, I do not pretend to be deep or take a serious view on things, so everything you read here should be taken with a pinch of salt. In the last paragraph of this particular entry, I admit that I may be misguided in my suggestions and welcome any responses accordingly.

  2. I thought the idea was that it was an immigrant taking a Britisher’s job. But yes there is a certain irony if that immigrant is one of McAlpine’s Fusiliers

  3. “I’ve worked till the sweat near has me beat
    With Russian, Czech and Pole
    On shuttering jams up in the hydro dams
    Or underneath the Thames in a hole;
    I grafted hard and I got me cards
    And many a ganger’s fist across me ears;
    If you pride your life, don’t join, by Christ,
    With McAlpine’s Fusiliers.

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    • Hello, thanks for your comments on the blog and sharing them with people who may be taking what I have written too seriously. I do not pretend to be an expert on immigration policy or Irish Law, I merely aim to provide a passing comment on things that amuse or irk me, and I like to believe I am very open with how seriously what I write should be taken. I am sure there are many people out there who perhaps misinterpret the facts and would define the Irish as immigrants, indeed Mr O’Rourke himself is one of them.

  5. I don’t know what you think you read on that wiki link, but yes Ireland is a foreign country under British Law, that was the quintessential point of the Ireland Act………

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  7. You say that you aren’t very deep – shallow, maybe? – yet you point out that an advert is susceptible to comment because the person depicted in it is, presumably, an actor and also, you say wrongly in fact, not of the Nationality depicted. This is either you being thoroughly obtuse, stupid or both. Since when do “bodies” in adverts actually have to be, in real life, what they purport to show?
    Even the UKIP staffer who is going to vote UKIP…so? Now if, say, Gordon Brown had been slumped against the wall with a begging pot in front of him, I would have pointed out that he deserved to be slumped on the pavement and, immediately, had the bastard arrested for vagrancy. The fact that he isn’t English is his misfortune. If we could swap Brown for an immigrant, any immigrant, I’m sure an exception to Nigel’s criticism of unlimited numbers of in-comers could be made.
    And can UKIP count on your vote?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I’m not 100% sure I know what you’re getting at (probably because I’m both obtuse and stupid) but I’m happy to answer what I think you mean. I believe that any organisation should be free to choose and employ whichever individual they like, as long as they do so legally. In this case I just think it is ironic that the selection of an Irish candidate is counter the point UKIP are trying to make from the campaign.
      Once again I re-iterate that this is not an anti-UKIP post, purely an observation of something I’ve come across. And whatever you do or don’t want to do with Gordon Brown is your prerogative, but unfortunately he wasn’t chosen for this poster campaign.

  8. Well the Republic of Ireland is part of the EU and has the Euro as its currency, surely as Mr Farage has said over and over again the UKIP is not a racist party so the origin of the EU migrants will not affect whether they are better suited to “take” British jobs or not. If Britain leaves the EU, as Mr Farage would like to, it will cut ties with Ireland too.

  9. Hi all, just a note to say that I am not in any way censoring any comments made on this blog – I believe people should be able to speak freely. Anything that encourages open communication I think is a good thing, I just ask anyone who does comment to respect the opinions of others. Thanks!

  10. He may be Irish, but UKIP don’t blame the ‘immigrants’, they blame the Open Door policy! UKIP aren’t against immigration, they welcome it, but stupid people like you, try and big up the anti-immigration spin the likes of Clegg and Cameron have put on it! UKIP welcome workers from other countries, what they DON’T want is the unskilled and criminals, that we have no way of stopping! Unless we come out of the EU?

    I’ll bet this doesn’t get accepted!

    • Please can we refrain from calling each other “stupid”. And to reiterate once more, this post is in no way “anti-immigration spin”, it is purely an observation made about a political party’s advertising that I happened to find amusing.

  11. I think there is also something else that needs to be pointed out, under the TTIP, we lose all our democratic and sovereign rights, as it is a policy for Corporate State, including the selling off of all Public Service rights, to foreign corporations! Farage wants to give power to the people, not take it away! While we argue this point and look for a stupid plane, they are sneaking in this policy. It’s due to be signed in June, IF it is, expect at least 3 million more people on the dole. Remember, Osborne has told us, in his last budget, ‘all cuts have not yet been implemented’? As there is no more spending till the next Parliament, what ARE THEY going to do for the next twelve months? << When were they going to tell us about this?

  12. Remember Gordon brown and his bigoted old woman comqining about immigrants? Mrs foley – did no one get the irony there?

  13. Ireland Act 1949 Rep of Ireland shall not be referred to as “foreign” under British law. So a non story as the actor is not foreign or an immigrant.

      • Thanks, sorry for calling you stupid, rush of blood! They’re running scared, ITV News also had the Chalice story on last night, even though it was 5 years old, at the time factual and it wasn’t racist? In 2009, it was possible for other cultures to have multiple wives and be paid for each of them by DWP? He mentioned Muslims in his piece, which is a religion, not a race?
        It seems if you belong to LibLabCon, you can; Steal from the public, Interfere with children, Interfere with men and generally tell lies. Yet if you belong to UKIP and tell the truth, you are classed as a racist, and a fruitcake? Political Correctness, (PC) is a get-out clause, to not tell the truth and debate? MP’s hide behind it when they don’t want to discuss anything!

        UKIP are bucking the trend and are in danger of upsetting their plans, the unification of all of Europe with the USA under one banner run by Corporations is not in the working man’s interest, especially defaulting to American regulations?

        Thanks again.

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  15. The reconstruction of Eastern Europe has been on the back of the British working class wage compression.

    The labour party supports the working class ,,they forgot to mention it’s was the east European working class they are talking about

    The Americans plan is to encircles the Russians with so-called democratic countries
    Members of NATO ,, the tool for this is EU membership.

    • Yes, it’s part of the overall plan. The EU were players in the ‘wall’ coming down, just as they have been involved in the over-throw of an elected Ukraine official.The TTIP is Americas way in, but they are hitting snags. The Ukraine is renowned for it’s produce and American AIG companies are trying to steal a march, along with Chevron and Exon for oil and gas. Which is where Condolisa Rice and Nuland will get burned. Check second half of this interview.

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  17. This web site really has all the information and facts I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask. dkeeecdbdaed

    • John, one of the main facts hasn’t been said on here. The EU free movement of labour, is biased and racist, it forces our government to control immigration, from countries we usually take highly skilled people from? UKIP policy will allow us to employ doctors from India and Scientists from Japan, while we keep out the unskilled EU labour, that are stopping our kids getting a foot-hold on the jobs market!
      Also, since this was first posted, have you taken note of events in Rotherham and my comments further up the page on PC? This policy is designed to silence us, shut down our complaints as they try to control us. Just like they try to sneak in ID cards, which is a further infringement on our rights, as at present we aren’t obliged to give our name and address to police, unless we have done something wrong? Just like the EAW, this takes away our Habeas Corpus, Trial by Jury and Innocent until Proven Guilty, we haven’t been asked, they can’t just take it!

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