Will you come with me?

Ahhh. Singledom. How evident you are when I, wanting to make the most of a half-price theatre ticket deal at short notice, once again find myself with an excellent seat for one at a West End show. And tonight was the same story.

Yet did I feel lonely, wallowing in self-pity, longing for a partner or friend to share it with? No. Did I feel inconsequential or inadequate? Please! Did I feel frowned upon, judged or pitied by the numerous other couples or couples of couples I shared that auditorium with. I don’t think so. 

Most importantly though, did I have a good evening? Yes! Did I feel liberated, not having to worry about whether the other person needed the loo, or had to rush to get a last train, or that it wasn’t really their kind of show? I absolutely did. Yes folks, it is possible to go out by yourself and have a perfectly splendid evening. Or day, or weekend, or as I have done and I know many others who also have, a whole holiday.

People, this is the 21st century. People don’t care if you’re with someone else, same sex, different sex, miscellaneous nationality, potential mother-in law, or a copy of the Evevning Standard. And nor should you.

Life is too short to miss out on great things just becasue you don’t want to do them alone. So what if you can’t find someone to go with you somewhere last minute, probably becuase they are already doing the exact same thing for somone else? It’s not that bad. Honestly. (Plus you can always bury yourself in your phone/book/magazine/re-arranging your scarf numerous times if you can’t bare to look at anyone during the interval). People are on their own these days for all sorts of reasons. Think about it. Sometimes we don’t like to. It’s safer not too. But it’s ok. People on their own are still people. Live a little. I dare you.


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