Somebody fix the trains!

I know these days everything is getting more expensive, but to me, train travel is just ridiculous. Now obviously, not knowing one hoot about how the train service in this country is run, I can’t really comment, but I will anyway, from the naiive consumer perspective.

I just don’t understand how ticket prices can be so high, for such “easy” journeys, and still we are constantly hit by issues and delays to the system. I personally think this whole bidding to run a line thing is flawed, and any provider who wants to run trains from one station to another should be allowed to do so (providing it is practical). Then consumers would have more choice as to which trains they take, and can walk away from shoddy service and unnecessarily high prices.  We could choose providers we trusted and respected, and those who can’t deliver should lose out.

Either that, or nationalise the lot of them again, so we actually have a service run for the people and not for profit. If more people were able to get places cheaper and quicker (sometimes on loss-making routes), the country would be far more productive, not to mention happier, and I’m sure we would see increases in consumer spending as shopping trips and other leisure time becomes more accessible (both for natives and toruists) to even out the costs. We could have more open and sense-making ticket prices (everytime I go to Birmingham the train fare seems to be a different amount – surely it’s just the same trip?!!). Then I wouldn’t have to moan and could concentrate my energies on more positive endeavours.

So please, someone fix the trains!


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